About Jessica

I’ve loved makeup and skincare my whole life. When I was 12, a little CoverGirl blush and lip gloss was all I had. I made my blush into eyeshadow, mixed it with gloss, used water to make it go on differently, and colored my gloss with it for my lips. Those two products were enough for me to create a full face of makeup.

In high school I obviously used eyeliner like it was going out of fashion—it was the 90’s for goodness sake. In college I was a little grunge, a little goth and a LOT of glam. Those early years were crazy, and I’m not your conventional person.

From young single mother to divorced mother of two, I was too busy for makeup. While taking care of myself and my children, I rediscovered my passion.

Painting my face gave me confidence and reminded me I’m more than a mom and an animal nurse. I began attending comic book conventions dressed as my favorite characters. My makeup application skills branched into special effects.  My collection of makeup grew along with my obsession.

I wanted to be a licensed esthetician so I could bring my passion for makeup and skincare to others. I had to work two jobs, but I made it happen. Now I can share my passion with everyone.

When I get a woman in my chair or lounger for makeup or a facial, I want her to know she is beautiful no matter what. I truly believe all people are beautiful and it shows in my work and the way I treat my clients.

When you choose me as your artist, I’m your hype-girl. I let my clients know how beautiful they are, inside and out. I can also do Reiki healing, and meditations with facials. You’ll feel wonderful when leaving, glowing, refreshed and recharged.

I know what it feels like to be low, and I hope what I do every day makes people feel good. I know what it’s like to be so busy—you forget to take care of yourself. That’s why I started my studio. I want to help people feel as beautiful as they truly are.